That Dog'll Hunt!
Meaning: That will work.

That's Like tryin' to get Dawn
Past a Rooster.

Meaning: Impossible.

Work It Like Ribs at a Sunday Picnic.
Work It Like A Government Mule.

Meaning: Really work it.

Shake the Dew Off My Lily.
Drain the Hottub.

Meaning: Take a whiz.

Hotter than Custom Rims
on a Celica!
Finer than Momma's Thanksgiving
Tastier than Pop Tarts after a
Bong Rip!

Meaning: She's damn fine.

Even a Hog finds an acorn
once in a while.

Meaning: Something good will eventually happen.

Meaning: Hell Yeah.

That'll Fly Like a Cement Turd!
Meaning: No Chance.

Steak and Tits.
Meaning: Go out for food and a strip club.

I Wouldn't Rub My Dogs Nose In
That if he shit on the carpet!

Meaning: Really wrong.